horoscope analysis and perdictions

online service is available  for  full horoscope making based on classical  vedic jyotish  with complete analysis and important predictions , match-making , muhurat   advice of Gems  and other vedic remidies to remove the ill effect of planets etc. contact on https://astropoint.wordpress.com/ or kant.krishan@gmail.com .you can meet personally also on following address after taking time on my contact no.

Krishan KantBhardwaj

1480/5 jyotinagar kurukshetra

contact no. 91 9416346682

About kantkrishan

I have written many books on astrology like 1 Janam kundli Phalit Darpan 2 Prashan Phal Nirnay 3 Brihat Jyotish Gian 4 VimshottaryIDasha Phal Nirnay all from Manoj publications Burari Delhi. and 5.Jyotish Nibandhmala 6. The Essence of Vedic Astrology from Educreation publishing My articles on predictive astrology have been published in many renowned magzines like Kalyan( Gorakhpur),kadambni etc. My services are available online for analysis of horoscopes,match-making,Muhurat and other fields related to astrology. Call me on 9416346682 or mail to kant.krishan@gmail.com to have the solutions of your problems through analysis of your horoscope I am also available on Tweet http://vaidicastrology.twitter.com/
यह प्रविष्टि संपर्क सम्बंधित सूचनाये में पोस्ट और , , , टैग की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

3 Responses to horoscope analysis and perdictions

  1. Rajendra Vani कहते हैं:

    guru ka chathe bhav me nich bhang yog kab phal dega. ( shani se nich bhang yog hai )

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