Some Misconceptions about Manglik Dosh (fault)

Some Misconceptions about Manglik Dosh (fault)

At the time of marriage while matching the horoscopes of the bride & groom – Manglik dosh is also considered seriously in addition to Ashtkoot. But it is regretted that most of the astrologers give importance to sentences having Invalid and illogical arguments of some Muhurat Granths and match the horoscopes in a wrong way . These astrologers ignore the important rules( sutras) of the predictive astrology and harm the society and jyotish shastra . The marriages based on  these wrongly matched horoscopes are often not successful and distrust is created in minds of public about predictive astrology.

What is Manglik Dosh?

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If the planet Mars is situated in 1, 4, 7, 8 and 12th house of horoscope then the groom or the bride is said to be Mangli and his / her marriage is considered auspicious only if performed with Mangli groom / bride.
Mars planet in astrology texts has been said an inauspicious planet who loves violence , disputes  and blood .Seventh house is related to life partner and pleasure of domestic life in horoscope. Mars situated in 1, 4, 7, 8 and 12th house of horoscope harms the married life, influencing  seventh house either with its presence or with its aspect. A large number of astrologers [ jyotishi ] announces the bride or the groom immediate Mangli looking the mars in the above places in the horoscope whether it is in exaltation sign or in debilitation sign, in the friend`s or enemy`s sign. The rectification of the fault is either overlooked or ignored and matching is done in a wrong way giving importance to sentences having Invalid and illogical arguments which are not based on the classical rules of predictive astrology.

What classical basic rules of astrology say?
According to the classical basic rules of astrology the planet which is situated in its own, exaltation, friendly, mooltrikon sign or navmansh,vargottam (in same sign and navmaansh) strong in shadbal, aspected or situated with benific planets is auspicious and always gives good results. Similarly a planet in debilitation, enemy sign and navmansh,  weak in shadbal,Combust, aspected or situated with malefic planets is inauspicious and always gives bad results.
Nichstho ripuRashisth Kheto bhav vinashkah|

mool sv tung Mitrstho bhav vridhi karo Bhvet | |
[Jatak – Parijat]

Nicharigo bhav vinash krit khagah samah Smrkshe sakhi bhe trikon bhe |
Swochche sv bhe bhavchay pradah fal duh sathaisv satsatsu vilom | |
[ Jyotistatv]

If a malefic planet is in its own , exaltation , ,friendly ,mooltrikon sign or navmansh,vargottam[in same sign and navmansh] strong in  shadbal ,aspected or situated with benefic planets gives always auspicious results।

Sviya tung sakhi sadhabh sansithit paamriapi yadi Satflm Wrjet |
[ BhavManjari ]

Pap Grha balyutah shubh varg sanstha somya bhavanti shubh vargag somay drishta |
[ Jatkadeshmarg]

References to the above classical astrological texts, it is clear that if Mars is located in 1,4,7,8,12th house of the birth chart in its own ,exaltation ,friendly ,mooltrikon sign or navmansh,vargottam navmansh, then there will be no manglik dosh at all .According to classical Indian text books on predictive astrology there will not be manglik dosh in circumstances given below:
• If Mars is located in 1,4,7,8,12th house of the birth chart in its own ,exaltation , friendly ,mooltrikon sign or navmansh.
• If Mars is in vargottm Navmansh
• If Mars is aspected by strong auspicious planets

If the lord of 7th house is strong and also aspect its own house then there will be no manglik fault in    horoscope.
An another serious mistake also has been done very often these days by some wise astrologers ie.  deciding manglik fault by Rashi kundali in place of Bhava Kundli. Many times a planet situated in janam kundli which actually is rashi kundali shows its good or bad results of the next or previous house depending upon where it is situated in the bhav kundali.Particularly when the difference between the degrees of planet and house is more than 15 degrees.So manglik dosh should be considered after examining bhav kundali also.

Is there no manglik fault after 28 years?
This is a very popular misconception .It is true that mars provides its auspecious/inauspicious results on 28 years but it shows its good or bad effect in its mahadasha ,anterdasha and transit also . No classical Indian text book has this conception in its literature. So it is clear that Manglik dosh in horoscope does not loose its ill effect even after 28 years.

Does combination of Mars with Saturn or Rahu removes Manglik fault?
In some auspicious texts it is stated that combination of Mars with Saturn or Rahu removes Manglik fault. But this principle is not based on the classical rules of astrology. This is a well known principle of astrology that the combination of malefic planets enhances the inauspiciousness of a planet instead of removing its fault.

Nichadi duh Sthge bhumi sute bal Viwarjite |
pap Yukte pap Drishte sa dasha Nesht Dayika | |
[ Brihat Parashar]
This conclusion comes from the above facts that the decision of Manglik dosh in the birth horoscopes of the bride and groom should be taken after carefully examining horoscopes. Only then we can serve well the society as well as literature of predictive astrology

by  krishan kant Bhardwaj

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