The Importance and utility of Astrology

The Importance and utility of astrology

Astrology shows good and evil deeds ( karma)  of a person which are performed  by him in his earlier births and  also denotes the time of their impact  like a lamp which enables us to see the objects placed in darkness. .Many texts say that which is going to be happening cannot be averted and untoward cannot be happen because the fate is fixed and immutable. Here it is natural to question if good or evil results earned in our previous births to suffer in this life is certain then what the utility of having knowledge of astrology is. When we cannot change the outcome of an event whether it is good or evil why we should bother to know about future.  This question has only emphasized the strength of the fate while the impact of effort is not considered .If Fate is the only factor to decide our successes then the importance of efforts and deeds have not been stressed predominantly in so many places of our scriptures. Our fate which has been earned by us in previous births cannot be materialized without efforts.  On the contrary our efforts go without any positive good result many a times which is clearly due to the adversity of fate.  For example a farmer plows, sows, fertilizes, pour water and pesticides etc. all kind of works to grow grains in his farm .But if the untimely rain, hailstorm or other natural disaster destroys his crops then we would have to think that due to adversity of fate he did not get favorable results although he has work hard .

In fact the life of human is based on two cycles of a chariot which are luck and effort. Both cycles moves the Chariot. Both have equal importance. If a man’s horoscope, ominous portent or answer of his question indicates the lack of education, marriage or children in this life due to impact of his inauspicious deeds of previous births, he can remove that impact by means of donations, havans, chanting of specific mantras he can weaken the effects of those unsteady, inauspicious deeds performed by him. Scholar can change his weak destiny through his efforts and hard work. Sacrifice, charity, fasting, ritual chanting and special rituals are also various kinds of efforts described in the scriptures to reverse the adversity of fate into favorableness. Astrology tells us the time of good and bad fortune. When a specific period of adversity is known to us, we can counter that by some physical and spiritual efforts. For example seeing the signs of the coming rain we move with umbrella because it is not possible for us to stop the rain but we can defend ourselves with the help of umbrella.Vedas are the best and incomparable books of Hindu Sanatan culture which have glorious place in Indian culture. Brahma the Creator revealed Vedas from its mouth for well-being of human.  Vedas are the source of all the Indian disciplines having six organs 1.Education 2 kalp3.Vedic grammar 4 Nirukta 5 Verses 6 Astrology. To decide the appropriate time for Vedic rituals and yagy, astrology has the highest importance of all the six parts. ‘Jyotishamyanan chakṣu ‘ Astrology has been described as eyes of the Vedas.  Like everything appears to be bleak without eyes as well it is impossible to do all the Vedic and Scripture canonical functions without the knowledge of astrology.

Yatha   shikha Mayuranam Naganan  Mnyo  yatha  |

Tdvedvedangshastranam Jyotism Murdhni Sthitm ||                                                                                                                                        (Vedanga Astrology)

As crest of peacock and gem of serpent lies on their head, astrology has the highest place in organs of the Vedas like that.

Vifla      Nyanyshastrani    Viwadsteshu     Kevalam  |

Saflam Jyotism Shastrm Chandrarco yatr Sakshinu ||

(Shudhi Deepika)

All the classic texts are non apparent and often considered disputed except astrology .Astrology is called successful because luminaries are apparent.

Brahma Suryo Vshishto Atrirmnu Pulsty Romshau |

Mrichi   Angira    Wyaso Nard    Shauunko   Bhrigu  ||

Chyvno        Yvnon       Garg       Kshypsrch     Prashr   |

Ashtadshaite   Ganbhira   Jyoti shaastr    Prwartk   ||

(Narad Sanhita)

According to  seer Narad ,Brahma ,Sury Vshishth ,Atriri, Manu ,Pulsty , Romsh,Mareechi,Angira,Vyaas,Narad,Shaunak, Bhrigu ,Chyvan,   Yavan,  Garg,   Kshyap and Prashr  eighteen seers are founders of astrology. These sages create the principles of astrology with their tenacity, knowledge, insight and experience.

Sidhant sanhita hora  roopam skandtryatmkm  |

Vedsy   Nirmlnckshujyoti   shastr    Mnuttmm   ||

(Narada Samhita)

According to seer Narad there are three parts of astrology —–

1 Theory (principles or math)

2 Snhita (code)

3 Hora

1. Theory (principles or math) Calculation  from Truti to holocaust era , distinguished values of solar, lunar and stars etc.,regular or retrograde motions of the planets;  description of The Earth, the stars  the planets and astrolabe instrument is  called the theory of astrology .Varahamihira has mentioned five Mathematics Methods in his  book  PanchSiddhantika named Pitamah, Vasishta, Romak, Paulish and Sun. Arybttyym of Arya Bhatt , principle of  secret of universe of  Acharya Brhmsfut and Lilavati of Bhaskaracharya  are well known compositions in astrology on the basis of which several astrological theories have been discovered

2. Sanhita (code)Mathematics and results both subjects are included in the Code . Code-related literature is very wide in which mixture of topics related to both the world and the people are included. Planetary navigation  in constellation , inter-war of planets, violence, prognostic, effort, Ang vidya, auspicious time for functions, architectural lore, Eclipse, showers, match-making  argh kaand etc.are  described in sanhita or code.Brihat-Samhita, Bhadrbahu samhita,Vasishta  samhita and Narada Samhita  are some of the classical code texts.

3. Hora (predictive astrology)There are three parts of Hora1. Jataka2. Tajik 3. Question

1Jataka (native) In the Jatak all of the good or evil effects from birth to death is considered on the basis of horoscope of a native without the knowledge of which a person’s life seems full of absolute darkness. Brihatjatak of Varahamihira, Brihat Hora Shastra of Parashar, Faldeepika of Mntreshwar, Saravli of KalyanVarma, Jatak Parijata of vaidyanath, Hora Ratnam of Balbadhra and Chamatkaar Chintamani of Narayan Bhatt are some prominent native treatises.

2. Tajik Tajik shastr is a branch of astrology which mainly is influenced by YavanJyotish and in which Persian words are used commonly.  Varsh phal,Masik phal Saham phal etc.  are considered in Tajik shastr. Tajik Nilkanti of Neelkanth and Hayn Ratn are the main Tajik texts.

3.  Question  Question shastr is created to consider good or evil fate of those persons who do not remember their birth time exactly. Prediction is made on the basis of horoscope of the  exact time of question or first word pronounced by  the questioner  Davjyvllbha, Prashn Maarg, Prashn Bhushan, PrashnShiromani , Prashn Chandeshwar, Bhuvan Deepak etc. are famous astrological books related to question.In addition to these good or evil effect of a person is also considered  by means of Palmistry, vocal pedagogy, Ramal Jyotish etc.

Importance and utility

Astrology is extremely helpful from the beginning to the masses and in the context of today it is quite meaningful. Astrology helps us  telling our past, present and future.             ya brahmanaavilikhita narabhaalapatte praagjanm karm sadasatphalapaak shastih|

hora prakaashayati taamih varn panktim deepo yatha nishi ghataadikamandhakaare ||

Hora Shastra reveals good or evil fruits, earned by a person by his previous deeds (karmas) which are written on the forehead of the man, in a same manner as a lamp lights and shows the materials hidden in the darkness. Bhagavata Purana praises telling the importance of astrology as thus –

jyotishamayanam sakshat yattad gyanam  atindriyam |

praneetan  bhavata yen  pumaan  ved   paraavaram   ||

Astrology is place of consideration of enlighten planets and constellations and a scripture which provides insensible salvation.A human has to take next birth to enjoy good or evil fruits of his deeds of his previous births .Conditions of the planets, zodiac signs and constellations at birth time of a person are according to his deeds (karmas) Therefore, astrology shows the fruit of his previous actions through planets, zodiac signs and constellations.

nijaani bhaagyaanyavagantumuchchai raap tapyoraashi mapipratatartun |

dravyan tathopaarjayitun janaanaan horaan vina naany ihaastyupaayah ||                                                                                                                                          (Horamakarand )

No other shaster can be as helpful as Hora Shastra to know his own destiny, to gain money or to cross the ocean of adversity.

Vnm Smashrita Yeapi Nirmma Nishprigrha |

Api  te Priprichcnti Jyotisham Gtikovidm ||

(Brihat Sanhita)

The housefathers who went into the forest abandoning life and are devoid of attachment and affection, they also question astrologer about themselves then what to say about ordinary humans.

N Sanwatsr Pathi ch  Nrkeshuppdyte  |

Brhmloke Pratishtam  ch Lbte Devcintkah ||

(Brihat Sanhita)                                                                                                The person who has the knowledge of astrology does not receive the hell. Fortune teller receives dignity in BrahmLok

Grhadhinan   Jagtsrwn   Grhadhina  Nravra  |

Kalgyanam Grhadhinam Grha Karmflprada ||

(Brihat Sanhita)

This whole world is subject to the planets, all the human are subject to planets, knowledge of the time is subject to the planets and planets provide the fruit of the action.

Bhutm  chaiv  Bhvishym   ch  vartman  tathaiv  ch |

SarvpradrshkamShastrmSiddhidmMoksh Karnm ||

(lomash Sanhita)

Astrology is a guide of all past, present, future and salvation.Astrology provides us knowledge of date, day, week, paksh (fifteen days), month, udder (Ayan), season, year, etc. which are very useful for our behavior and dealings.  Therefore it is called determinative scripture of period. Being a source of sheen it is divine light beam for humans who are scattered in the dark paths of life   and makes their life path illuminated by divine light. The task of paving the way is done by this science while solving all the problems of human beings from birth till death. Astrology expresses all the position of the past, vision of future and otherworld -rebirth.  Astrology determines auspicious moments for all the earthly, extraterrestrial functions and a work done in an auspicious moment always get success.When and which type of pleasure or pain, good or bad will come to a man, its indicator is astrology. Good or evil fruits of all life based on the status of planets at time of birth has been described in the astrological texts. Time of auspicious or inauspicious incidents can be known with the help of Vinshottri dasha system, transit of planets and Ashtkwarg system. This prior knowledge provides of the person enthusiasm and will power in the favorable results and offers the opportunity to eliminate or to reduce the bad effects remaining vigilant and try chanting, charity and virtue more and more in the adverse results.

In ancient times, knowledge of astrology was given to students with other disciplines in seminaries which they use to utilize in the interest of the general public. Foreign invaders destroyed our rare literature to destroy our culture .Literature which is available today is incomplete and in fragmented state. For the development of any learning, a constantly contemplate, debate and lot of exploration is required in order to keep it in line with the changing society. Astrology requires this kind of Continued exploration which can only be possible when this is to be included in the curriculum of universities and there should be attempts to review the old theories and to discover the new principles. Only then there will be possibility to develop further this Indian lore.


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